Widgets to engage visitors
Analytics to growth-hack engagement

Satisfy Your Visitors

  • Give visitors an elegant way to get instant access to more of the content on your site using our infinite filmstrip
  • Automatically maintains content and determines best recommendations
  • Adapts beautifully to size and site style

Simple Clean Experience

  • Get visitors exactly what they want using our search and pilot widgets
  • Choose which widgets you want and which pages you want them on
  • Widgets contribute to a beautiful and simple experience that makes users more likely to return

Growth-Hacking Engagement

  • You can't fix what you can't measure. Our engagement analytics give you actionable data
  • Satisfied visitors will return and are like an annuity -- generating 5-10 times more pageviews over their lifetime compared with one-time visitors
  • Our insights suggest areas to work on to improve engagement
Engagement guages

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About Slickstream

Slickstream is a startup located in Palo Alto, Calfornia. We believe that giving website visitors a great experience is the best way to steadily build traffic volume over time. We work with publishers to help them achieve that goal.

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Carl Hubbard
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Kingston Duffie
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